Our Orchids

Currently we carry mainly species from Asia, in particular Himalayan, Indo-China and West Malesian species. Apart from the usual types such as Dendrobium we try and carry a good selection of miniature species like; Chiloschista, Schoenorchis and the less well known miniatures such as; Microsaccus and Ceratostylis.

We hope that our sales page is more user-friendly with photographs and some cultural information included with each listing, all culture information is based on our own growing conditions and should only be used as a guide. Everyone will need to refine our guides to fit in with their own conditions and geographical areas.


We now stock New Zealand Sphagnum moss after finding a good supplier in Europe along with bamboo canes for staking flower spikes, also we now stock various sizes of a high quality potting bark. For those who only want small amounts of compost for two or three plants buying Sphagnum and bags of bark may be uneconomical, we can make up small amounts of compost for them. Hopefully in the not too distant future we will be able to resource other sundries and useful pieces of equipment. Our aim is to make Species Specific a one-stop-shop for all you needs and requirements. Both our bark – Pinus radiata – and Sphagnum moss is sustainably harvested in New Zealand.

We are always open to suggestions for items that you would like us to stock, if viable resources can be found we shall certainly look at stocking them. You will perhaps find that South American species are few and far between in our sales page, unfortunately we do have difficulties obtaining a viable supply of these species. Most of what is sold are propagations from Bill’s own personal collection. Meanwhile, we continue searching for a supply.