Oncostele Wildcat

Not Oncidium or Odontoglossum hybrids, but intergeneric.

Oncostele Wildcat

Postby admin » Tue Feb 28, 2012 11:44 am

This hybrid, Oncostele (syn. Colmanara) Wildcat grows in my greenhouse at between 5c - 10c at night during the winter months.


Oncostelle Wildcat has produced many clones, each of which are worthy of a place in collections. It has become massed produced as a "throw-away-plant" and can be found for sale in many garden centres and supermarkets. Quite often, as the purpose of the mass-production is to encourage people to buy replacements, vigour has been lost at the expense of over-production. If you want one of these it's probably better to buy one from an orchid nursery, although their plants may also come from a similar source, they won't have stood on a shelve for weeks being neglected.
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