Dendrobium trigonopus

Dendrobium trigonopus is a miniature species of the group Formosae. It likes growing on a mount rather than in a pot where it’s roots may be subjected to rot, however, some growers are successful when growing in a pot. This hirsute species is found growing as an epiphyte in dry forests of China and Indo-China at temperatures ranging from a winter minimum of -2c to 8c depending on the altitude they are found at, and possibly warmer in the lower regions perhaps at around 12c – 14c. Personally I have found that it is very happy grown at around 6c – 8c in the winter.

It likes quite heavy shade during the growing season with lots of water, it is subjected to quite a lot of rain during the wet season of around 12″ or 292mm for several months. From autumn onwards the plants are in a relatively dry season, and water and humidity should be gradually reduced, but a light watering of mounted plants should be given to simulate the fogs that plants get in the winter on a daily basis, but the very light watering in winter should just moisten the root system which should be able to dry out again very rapidly.

The shading can be removed from the plants during winter to allow them maximum light to help initiate flowering. The plant flowers from leafless and leafy nodes, usually in March or April, although my particular plant is in flower in December. It carries up to 3 flowers per inflorescence. The flowers measure around 2″ (2.5cm) across and they are sweetly fragrant and are of a waxy type substance. It is an easy, delightful species to grow and it doesn’t take up very much space at all. It’s a worthy species of any Dendrobium collection.

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