Dendrobium nobile var cooksonianum

Dendrobium nobile was described relatively late, 1830, but after it’s introduction to Europe from China it very quickly became the best known Dendrobium. It is found over a very large range, from the Himalaya regions of India and China, down … Continue reading

Dendrobium trigonopus

Dendrobium trigonopus is a miniature species of the group Formosae. It likes growing on a mount rather than in a pot where it’s roots may be subjected to rot, however, some growers are successful when growing in a pot. This … Continue reading

Dendrobium heterocarpum – A Spotlight on the Species

This is a very underestimated species and one that is worthy of a place in every Dendrobium collection. It’s a cool species, found in the Himalayan regions of India and China, down into the warm tropical valleys of Sikkim and … Continue reading

Long Caned Dendrobiums

I’m sometimes asked how I grow the long caned Dendrobium species, plants like Dendrobium aphyllum (syn. pierardii), Dendrobium anosmum and Dendrobium lituiflorum. These plants are capable of growing in excess of 3 feet (c. 1m) in length, often to 4 … Continue reading

A Special Deal For Orchid Societies

Species Specific is offering a Special deal for Orchid Societies. Put together an order with your members and if the order comes to €75.00 (Euro) or over the orchid Society can keep 10% for themselves, P&P will be charged at … Continue reading

Is my Dendrobium Cane completed?

Hopefully I can explain how to tell if the growth on your Dendrobium has completed for the year without causing too much confusion. It is a question that is raised numerous times. It is very important to be able to … Continue reading

​Anyone want a free orchid plant

Do you have a photograph of your orchids that you think is a winner? Then submit it to the Species Specific forum competition. The only thing you have to do is become a member of one of the Worlds friendliest … Continue reading

Schoenorchis gemmata – A Spotlight on the Species

In an attempt to encourage growers to try miniature species I’ve decided to highlight some of these plants from time to time. Miniature orchids are under no less threat than their larger, showier cousins. They are prone to the same … Continue reading

Flowering at Species Specific

Rhynchostele bictoniensis var alba Rhynchostele bictoniensis is a cold growing species from Mexico down through Central America. It is found growing as an epiphyte in humid mossy forests also as a terrestrial and sometimes as a lithophyte at elevations of … Continue reading

Flowering at Species Specific

Paphiopedilum parishii Currently flowering in the greenhouse is Paphiopedilum parishii. A stunning multi-flowered species that grows as an epiphyte high in the forest trees of Assam, China and Thailand. Currently we are growing this plant at between 15c and 17c … Continue reading