About Us

Welcome to Species Specific. We established in January 2004 with a small stock of plants for sale and have since grown to offer an ever changing of stock of around 80 species, this of course varies over the course of the year, but we aim to offer an ever increasing number.

We are a family business, currently run by my wife and 12-year-old daughter. I will be active in the background writing a blog, but unfortunately I’ve been forced into early retirement due to disability. Please be assured that you will get the same courteous and excellent service from both my wife, Lesley and our daughter Zara. Our other 4 children are eager to help as well so will be in early training.


We select our stock from CITES approved Orchid Farms in Thailand; our number one criteria being that they are actively involved in conservation within their own area. All our stock has to be nursery raised and plants taken from the wild will not be tolerated, regardless of whether it is done under legitimate licence or not. We feel that with the modern technology available for propagation there is no need to everĀ remove plants from the wild. So please be assured that all our plants are certified by CITES, covered by phytosanitary certificates issued by the exporting country and in addition are fully inspected by the Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine at their point of import at Dublin Airport. We aren’t allowed contact with shipment until they are cleared by inspection and that customs import duty and VAT etc are paid.

We invite you to browse our site and select plants to purchase, or merely to check out some information on a particular species. We do intend to sell some hybrids in future, these will be select plants with proven vigour, also plants that have been hybridised with a specific purpose and not because two plants were put together to produce some seed as an experiment. We shall have limited hybrids that we have made ourselves once they exit the lab stage, hopefully soon.


The Species Specific orchid forum will continue, it has become very popular over the years for it’s friendliness and it’s number of experienced growers always willing to help and assist growers of all experience and perhaps pick up a nugget or two for themselves. It has become very well known as a place of friendliness and humour.

We are trying hard to keep alive the hobby of growing orchid species, something that is being found less and less with other nurseries who are becoming more and more hybrid orientated, this isn’t a criticism, they have to follow the demands of their customers, but hopefully we can continue to fill that little niche of offering the species. We produce orchid species seed as often as we can and a lot of this is sent to various labs in Ireland, England and Austria. The Austrian lab germinates the seed and send the resulting seedlings back to the country of origin for re-establishment. In fact he is in the Philippines at the moment putting species back into the rain forest. So, by supporting Species Specific you are also helping conservation.


Please feel free to read our blog, I’m not sure yet 100% how the blog will go but hopefully we can highlight species, miniatures in particular which are too often passed by without any further thought, they are so underestimated.

We are proud to be Ireland’s first and only orchid nursery.